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Brazilian Spicy Oil Recipe

Brazilian Spicy Oil Recipe

Perfect spice to cover your meat after the grill…or your veggies…or rice…or anything really.  Simple pleasures, but be careful with the Habenero peppers.   

Barbecuing with Himalayan and Persian Salt Blocks

Cooking with Himalayan and Persian Salt Blocks

I have been wanting to try barbecuing on salt blocks for years. I remember seeing it done back in the states and I thought it looked so interesting. Also, I love preparing my meats with a salt crust, so I thought this would be a cool alternative and less waste […]

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Bringing Home the Weber BBQ Grill

Bringing Home the Weber Grill BBQ

Two months ago, I brought home a new 47 cm Weber® Original Kettle Barbecue and have been using it all the time to experiment with meat, veggie, fish, shellfish and sausage recipes.  This is a great terrace-size BBQ for long-time enthusiasts and new barbecuers alike.  It has been many years […]

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Welcome to the Barcelona BBQ Blog

Welcome to the Barcelona BBQ Blog

Barcelona is “The Barbecue Capital of Europe” and I want to celebrate it here. My name is Brian Heinen, and this is my Barcelona BBQ Blog! That’s me in the photo above, the one wearing the hat and red Bob Ross t-shirt. The other guy in the photo is my friend […]

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