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Barcelona BBQ Locations Map

Barcelona BBQ Location and Event Listings are Now Live

Barcelona BBQ is announcing the newest feature on the barbecue platform, the Barcelona BBQ Location Listings. This is your one-stop source for all barbecue related information around town.  We hope to make it much easier to discover all the information about barbecue in Barcelona, whether you live in Barcelona or […]

Rooftop Smokehouse Video Interviews - photo by

Video Podcast and Interviews – Rooftop Smokehouse with Buster Turner, and Special Guest Danny ´the Lip´Lippitt

This month: Rooftop Smokehouse with Buster Turner, and special guest Danny ´the Lip´ Lippitt (Fabrica Lehmann, Concell de Cent 159)   Barcelona, Barbecue Capital of Europe, with your host and founder of Barcelona BBQ, Brian Heinen. The podcasts and video interviews are monthly examination into the culture, locations, history, personalities […]

1st International Barbecue Festival in Europe

1st International Barbecue Festival in Europe

Food, Music & Culture – Barcelona is the Capital of Barbecue in Europe Come celebrate why! with the barbecue styles and culinary culture of Barcelona. [button link=”” size=”large” icon=”check” bg_color=”#edc252″ text=”dark” window=”yes”]CLICK HERE : Learn more here and get on the mailing list to stay up to date regarding the […]

Calçots – They´re Back!

Calçots – They´re Back!

There is something so special about the autumn season for me as it has always included many of my favorite things.  It is the chill in the air to break from the hot weather, the turning of the leaves to colors, the nostalgia of the start of the school year,  […]

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