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Bulgogi Marinade for Skirt Steak

Video Blog – Barcelona BBQ Guest Chefs: Bulgogi Marinade with Frank Plant

Barcelona BBQ Guest Chefs is an ongoing series of video blogs with interesting barbecue chefs and cultural personalities.  If you are or know someone that has an unique recipe, barbecue, location or story, please contact us, we would love to share your story, and maybe make a video of your […]

Barbecue Pork Ribs with Cachaça BBQ Sauce

Barbecuing Pork Ribs

Recipe below article or jump straight to the Barbecued Pork Ribs with Cachaça BBQ Sauce Recipe Let´s talk a little about Pork Ribs – a staple of the American barbecue menu.  From the tip of Argentina to the polar caps of Alaska, ribs rule the smoke house.  Are there better […]

Video Blog: Our Barcelona BBQ DIY 9-Month Aged Cachaça

Video Blog: Our Barcelona BBQ DIY 9-Month Aged Cachaça

For me, any good barbecue is only as good as the quality of the products you use.  Living in Barcelona makes it easy to use quality, fresh food products, but, as we have been discussing in previous articles, finding the other necessary products (quality barbecues, cast iron and utensils) have […]

Barbecue Sweet and Spicy Salmon

Barbecue Sweet and Spicy (and not so spicy) Salmon Recipe

One of my favorite things about barbecuing in Barcelona is the quality of the seafood on any given Tuesday through Saturday – Sunday and Mondays they do not go out to fish, so the quality is not as fresh.  The idea of stepping down to my local fishmonger and selecting […]

Brazilian Spicy Oil Recipe

Brazilian Spicy Oil Recipe

Perfect spice to cover your meat after the grill…or your veggies…or rice…or anything really.  Simple pleasures, but be careful with the Habenero peppers.   

Picanha with Salt Crust Recipe

Picanha with Salt Crust Recipe

This is a very simple recipe to get us started.  Do not let all the salt scare you, the meat will not be ruined with a salty finish. One of the great things about the barbecue is that you do not necessarily need much preparation. If your meat, fish or […]

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