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  • The Association of Young Gypsies in Gracia and strength we have signed a collaboration agreement on equal terms to organize Gràcia festival in 2016 in the town square Romans, who also called SQUARE RUMBA CATALAN.
    Both entities have determined commemorate the 600th anniversary of the arrival of gypsies in Catalonia last year the Parliament of Catalonia both the RUMBA CATALAN DECLARATION OF CULTURAL HERITAGE AS GOVERNMENT.
    The celebrations will start on 15 August and end on 21. One week to fill the place of leisure activities around the gypsy culture and the Catalan rumba. An area gastronomic cultural area, a bar area and a great place to see and enjoy performances and shows, with a good stage and the necessary equipment. Activities for all ages, origins, backgrounds, sexes … rumba workshops palm, guitar, percussion, dance, combined with traditional clowns, puppets, concert Havana, the cinema or dinner Brotherhood.
    It will be a place decorated. We want to make a dramatic entrance, decorated ceiling and accurate details. I want to participate. And that requires much effort. Many hands and arms will be needed, they will lack ideas, trade and / or enthusiasm. Therefore, we call on all partners in one way or another willing and able to cooperate in volunteer work. Makers will tackle areas: administration, art, hospitality and culture. Colleagues will be needed to prepare for the decorations and decorated for days and agreed over months, as will be needed for the general assembly a few days prior to 15 August.
    Apart volunteer force and the Association of Young Roma de Gràcia, open range all those enthusiasts who, although not members of any of the entities wishing to participate in the tasks and assignments.
    Be Welcome!
    Health and Rumba!


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