Instagram ShoutOut Barcelona Challenge (#IGShoutoutBarcelona) June 27 – July 1st

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Instagram ShoutOut Barcelona Challenge (#IGShoutoutBarcelona) June 27 – July 1st


Every day for one week, we challenge you to repost photos from your favourite Instagram profiles that you follow in Barcelona, using the same hashtag #IGShoutoutBarcelona and #SMDay — June 30th is Mashable Social Media Day around the world.

How it works:

1. Select photos to repost from Barcelona themed/ based profiles onto your Instagram profile. We ask that you repost photos from at least 10 different profiles per day from June 27-July 1st

Hint: This works best to increase engagement if you repost photos from Instagram profiles with similar themes as yours and with a similar range of followers.

2. Repost photos on your professional profile between 12:00-14:00 in the afternoon, with the following caption:

Check out this photo from one of my favourite Barcelona profiles @username during #IGShoutOutBarcelona week for #SMDay (Next, you can put a personalised message saying why – for example) They have an interesting profile that I have been following. I think you will enjoy their photos and content as much as I do. Thanks!

Hint: You can use repost app:

3. In the comment area, we post all other hashtags – important, do not put the hashtags in the caption, except #igshoutoutbarcelona #SMDay. Keep the caption area clean, focused on the username. As well, for search optimisation, hashtags in the comment section still function the same as if they were in the caption.

4. After 2-3 hours, you can remove the pictures from your profile if you would like, as most people will no longer see it, and 80-90% of the engagement will have already happen. This way you can also keep your profile clean for the future.

5. Repeat every day from June 27th until July 1st.

We encourage you to search the hashtag #IGShoutoutBarcelona when you are posting, like and follow each of the profiles listed. This is a community building exercise.

And of course, follow us on Instagram @BarcelonaBBQ

Extra engagement Opportunity:

If you are going to participate, add your Instagram @username in the comment section of this LinkedIn Networking Group discussion.