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Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Arrived This Week

It is so much fun when new toys arrive at the house and this one will be a game changer for the barbecue and in the kitchen. This week, my Lodge Cast Iron Skillet I ordered off Amazon arrived at my door.┬á I did not think to order it from […]

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Cal├žots – They┬┤re Back!

Cal├žots – They┬┤re Back!

There is something so special about the autumn season for me as it has always included many of my favorite things.┬á It is the chill in the air to break from the hot weather, the turning of the leaves to colors, the nostalgia of the start of the school year,┬á […]

Barbecuing with Himalayan and Persian Salt Blocks

Cooking with Himalayan and Persian Salt Blocks

I have been wanting to try barbecuing on salt blocks for years. I remember seeing it done back in the states and I thought it looked so interesting. Also, I love preparing my meats with a salt crust, so I thought this would be a cool alternative and less waste […]

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Picanha with Salt Crust Recipe

Picanha with Salt Crust Recipe

This is a very simple recipe to get us started. ┬áDo not let all the salt scare you, the meat will not be ruined with a salty finish. One of the great things about the barbecue is that you do not necessarily need much preparation. If your meat, fish or […]

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